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Positioning Argument

I’ve addressed some of these questions before, particularly in Building your thesis on the corpses of your enemies and in my post on Effective Signposting. But I had a chapter that I was reading, and I realised I had more to say that I didn’t think I’d quite said in either of the other two posts… so […] via How to position your argument using a fish skeleton! — Research Degree Voodoo

Foucault and his students

I’ve previously shared one of Lacan’s comments from his seminar. Here’s Foucault on the same theme: Has everyone read these texts? Yes? No? Nobody? Well, I will have to punish you, that’s for sure! I’m not going to tell you how… That’s a surprise for the last day! Dire vrai sur soi-même: Conférences prononcées à […] via Foucault also struggled to get his students to do the reading… — Progressive Geographies